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Class Rules and recent Deviations

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Forum Name: Buzz Class Rules
Forum Description: Discussions on the Interpretation & Application of the Class Rules
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Topic: Class Rules and recent Deviations
Posted By: Jasper
Subject: Class Rules and recent Deviations
Date Posted: 08 Oct 2017 at 9:01pm
Hi all, 

New to Buzz sailing this year, I am trying to get my hands on a copy (preferably electronic) of the Buzz Class Rules and any information on endorsed deviations since departure from IASF.  I note from the marketing "Buzz Summary" card that Stu B send me (thanks Stu) that there are carbon accessories, trapeze lines can be dyneema, foot straps now extend up to the crew area, some jibs have battens, etc...
Winter is coming and that's the time to do some tweaks.

Buzz 720

More Wind!!

Posted By: Stu B
Date Posted: 02 Nov 2017 at 2:36pm
The Buzz Class Rules can be found here -

Or you can use the 'Class Rules' tab on the left of the homepage at

If you need more details/ photo's, etc then let me know.


Posted By: Jasper
Date Posted: 02 Nov 2017 at 7:07pm
Thanks Stu , I had seen the 2009 Rules posted on the website but was wondering what deviations have occurred since they were posted.  For examples, your Vantage Sailing card mentions carbon accessories, centre board or daggerboard, dacron and other material sails as options but what constitutes permissible deviation from that in 2009 Regs and I refer back to our previous discussion on jib halyard being "out" of Class if dyneema but trapeeze wire can be replaced with dyneema? 

Devil is in the detail as they say.


More Wind!!

Posted By: Stu B
Date Posted: 06 Nov 2017 at 4:59pm

I have just taken a look at the 2009 rules, which are the most up to date version. 

Unfortunately I've been a poor Chairman and not organised an AGM for a couple of years, I must arrange soon, which will allow us to vote on an updated set of rules.

To answer your queries on several items;

Carbon Boom - Has been available for many years now, however the rules do not specify this, therefore i would like the rules to clarify that a carbon boom is acceptable. I have been using a Vantage version for several years now and it hasn't broken, which is promising!!

Carbon Gennaker pole - I have introduced this and tested it in all conditions, again no problems to date. This will need to be accepted at an AGM before being class legal. 

Centreboard/ Daggerboard - The Buzz has always been available with a centreboard or daggerboard, most UK Buzzes have a daggerboard, most French Buzzes have a centreboard. My new Buzz I had made with a centreboard to show that it was available.

Sail Options - The rules say that they must be supplied by the licensed supplier, i.e. Vantage Sailing, rather than listing the types available. Again several types have always been available, originally the Sobstad mylar versions and the Topper 'Ecole' Dacron reefable sails and smaller 'Ecole' spinnaker. When Sobstad stopped making Buzz sails, Hydes were introduced. The mylar main sail is great, the jib isn't as durable as many Buzz sailors would like, so Vantage worked with Hyde Sails on a dacron version. The dacron jib is a compromise between a 'race spec' dacron and a 'durable' dacron. Vantage also worked with Hyde Sails on a reefable dacron main sail and a smaller spinnaker (13m2). This was all accepted by the Buzz Class at an AGM.

Jib Halyard - This isn't listed in the Rope and Wire schedule, but should be really. I wouldn't want to change it from it's current wire/ rope construction in case it causes any warranty issues with Superspars. I'm sure that it would work fine, but . . . perhaps it's something for discussion.

Trapeze Wires, or perhaps i should say trapeze lines - I can't find anything in the rules to say the dyneema trapeze lines are ok, however i do remember it being discussed and accepted. I'm also sure that there is a 2013 version of the rules!! I will need to have a hunt for a later addition of the rules, should it exist!! Dyneema is acceptable here because it doesn't hold the mast up and also it can be cut if required to free the crew/ helm. 

I hope that helps for now, I'm off to look for a later edition of the rules . . .


Posted By: Stu B
Date Posted: 06 Nov 2017 at 5:07pm
An update . . .

It was agreed at the 2014 AGM that dyneema trapeze wires are acceptable and the rules will be updated to reflect this. Unfortunately i haven't updated the rules, a job for this winter i think.


Posted By: Jasper
Date Posted: 06 Nov 2017 at 10:25pm
Many thanks for a comprehensive reply - gives a fair amount of scope and also good to know that there is still development ongoing.
JasperBig smile
P.S. - It has the added benefit that the mods are out there in the public domain (the Official Forum) so they cannot be challenged - not that I'd expect them to be)

More Wind!!

Posted By: cfsnook
Date Posted: 24 Aug 2018 at 8:35am
I guess you are still working on the new version of the rules? Good to know that i can use string for the trapeze lines. 
Before seeing this thread I reviewed the current published rules. Below are some observations for consideration at the next AGM (except trapeze lines have already been approved). I would also be interested in allowing carbon boom and pole.

1) Appendix A
I presume Appendix A is for info only and these standard fittings are not mandatory? I.e. According to 3g) I can swap for similar dimensions and performance. Hope so as Vantage now supply mostly Allen rather than Ronstan.

2) Appendix A - Approved Electronic Compass = TackTick 101
This was a surprise given rule 7.2. From a quick google, a TackTick 101 is a pretty sophisticated device comprising a masthead wind vane with wireless comms to the display unit to show wind v boat direction. RRP £1000. I think the TackTick 060 is more commonly used by dinghy sailors being a simple countdown timer and compass. This is what I use in 939 and I presume from the rules is ok? (by the way Raymarine seem to be dropping the TackTick name :- now a T060 is just a 'micro-compass')

3) Appendix B
Similarly this appears to be mostly for info (according to 3c). Except for wire which according to 3c) must be in accordance with Appendix B.. Except that there ARE specific dispensations for 3k) strops and 3n) vang. 
Which leaves shrouds (ok happy to stick with wire for those!) and trapeze wires... (not so ok for me - i use 3mm D12.. nicer for the crew and can be cut in an emergency). 
Can i propose a rule change to allow the use of high modulus fibre for the trapeze 'wires'. 

btw jib halyard appears to be missing from Appendix B.

Buzz939 + ISO1190

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